About Us

Who Are We?

First Feelin: The feeling of Joy and Happiness our products and designs induce in you.

We have established the company thriving on the spirit of our promises to you: delivering high quality rugs to the right customer, who seeks luxury to its truest sense.

From Northern states of India, our artisans create the most beautiful of rugs, with intricate designs, with utmost precision weaving each thread with love.

We currently cater to the needs of market across the spectrum.

Our constant endeavor is to revive the ancient craftsmanship of the weavers  & artisans of India and weave rugs with a modern design perspective.

We thrive on bettering our service to our clients. We believe and are driven by our core values of transparency and enabling excellence through collaboration.

Handmade Carpet Making Process

The process of making hand-made rugs at combines ancient carpet-making techniques, the highest quality silk, wool and a sustainable production process from design to delivery.
Raw Material